Best Places To Read Fanfic, Web Novels, Light novels And Fanfic

What Is The Difference Between Fanfic, Web Novels And Light Novels?

Fanfic also known as fanfiction are stories that many fans on the internet make based on their favourite movie, game, TV shows, anime and other well-known fiction! For example, if you did not like the ending of the Harry Potter books, you can make a story featuring Harry Potter winning the duel with Voldemort in a different manner or even feature your fanfic having Harry Potter travelling back in time to defeat Voldemort! The possibilities for the different options for fanfic are endless. One fact that is important however is that you can not monetize fanfic for your own gain as it would be a copyright infringement because the original idea behind the story you are writing is not yours.

Light novels are a type of written fiction that came from Japan. They are known for their rather short length, which ranges from around 50,000 words. They will often have some form of illustrations involved. Some light novels may be adapted into anime similar to how manga can be adapted into anime. Light novels target a wide range of audiences, from teenagers to young adults, and they cover various genres such as fantasy, romance, science fiction, adventure, and more.

Web novels are a type of written novels that are published online. Web novels allow authors to share their work with a global audience without the normal barriers of publishing such as the costs of printing out the books. Web novels can encompass a wide range of genres that are similar to any traditional novels. They are often presented in instalments of chapters rather than the whole web novel being published.

Read down below for the best sites to read free light novels, web novels and fanfic!

Wattpad is one of the most well-known online platforms that allows writers to share their stories with a global audience. The site is unique in that it enables both established and beginner writers to publish their works and engage with a massive community of readers for free. Most of the authors in the platform publish their stories chapter by chapter. Wattpad has multiple stories of fanfiction however most of the fanfic stories fall under the romance section. Wattpad furthermore has some stories tagged as light novels but they all fall under fanfics of popular light novels. What Wattpad is most known for however is their free web novels. As more and more people access the read or write fiction online Wattpad will continue to grow.

Webnovel is a website for reading and publishing web novels, comics and fanfics. It’s an online platform that hosts a wide range of fiction from multiple genres. The site offers both free and premium content, where readers can access a selection of stories for free, while some content may require a payment to unlock. Authors publish their works in a chapter-by-chapter format and engage with readers through comments, ratings, and discussions. Authors have the opportunity to earn income through their subscriptions, premium content, and other forms of reader support. Although the platform has fanfics it is mostly reincarnation or self-insert fanfics that are on the site. Furthermore, the grammar of fanfics tends to be not that great though it does not mean you can find some fanfics with an exceptional story and grammar. Webnovel does not have any light novels however.

Archive Of Our Own(AO3)is a place where fanfic authors come together to write their own fanfics on various books, movies, TV shows and more! It was created in October 2008 and receives around than 2,475,237 views. It is moderated to ensure that no authors are earning any money through their Patreon. Otherwise, you can find multiple fanfics on this website that feature reincarnation, crossovers from different universes and more! Please be mindful of the tags to ensure you know what you are reading some fanfics may be for a mature audience. It is not the best place to find web novels or light novels.

FanFiction.Net is the oldest site in terms of hosting fanfiction which was launched in 1998. It has multiple fanfics from various genres and has a simplistic layout. Sadly the website has been slipping in terms of where authors now post their fanfic. Some fanfic authors have moved to AO3 due to its ease in tagging and relevancy to the fanfic community. It does not mean that would suddenly disappear as the website is still going strong and fanfic authors continue to post on the site. It does not have any light novels or web novels.

A forum where people engage in creative writing and discussions. It is one of the best places to find fanfic and web novels that are awesome to read. One of the best known fanfi on the site is the famous web novel called Worm. It is also known to have Role-Playing Quests that allow members to create and control characters within fictional settings. These quests often have complex storylines where readers can vote on what the character should do next. SpaceBattles does not have the best place to read light novels.

The site is also a forum for people to engage in writing many stories and participate in discussions. It is an offshoot of the Spacebattles site that was made due to its concerns about its growing traffic.

It is a well-known site that publishes Chinese and Korean fantasy web novels and light novels translated into English. It is known to have elements of Cultivation, Litrpg and Xiania. Many great novels have been published here such as The Second Coming Of Gluttony. The site also offers its own mobile app. The site does not have any fanfics.

Royaleroad is one of the best websites to find web novels and fanfics. It hosts a vibrant community of writers and readers. Some of the best novels include but are not limited to Mother Of Learning. The main concern with this site however is that most of the fanfics published there remain incomplete though there are still some that are ongoing. The site does not have any light novels.

This site is not a website where authors post their web novels, light novels or fanfics. It is a site however that can find multiple fanfics, web novels and light novels that span multiple genres. The main concern for this site is that some of their fanfics are not properly translated and have some content that can be found insulting.

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